Smart advertising
Invest less, but better!

We are experts in social advertising targeting

The media team designs your campaigns with you and accompanies you throughout it to maximize your social ad performance. Invest on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube or even TikTok to reach your audiences and engage them for the long term.

We work with a slow and ethical approach, respectful of the user, but with fast and effective results: let’s build a successful proof of concept together, in just 3 months. The agency’s remuneration is not indexed on the amount invested: everyone wins!

“Much more than an agency, our collaboration is based on trust, straight talk and respect. OTTA has become an extension of the brand. We work hand-in-hand with a common goal of success.”

Aude Kubiszyn

Communications manager, Cuisinella

A team passionate about advertising, social media and performance!

Rather than buying just any media spots available and overloading your audience without any direction, we focus on the way our campaigns are run and the way we buy. It’s responsible social media advertising, worked out in advance with precision on objectives and content: we think about our audience.


Expert Régies, Team Media Data OTTA

It’s our experience that allows us to optimize the effectiveness of campaigns. The smart advertising approach allows us to offer very complete systems by targeting the right audiences with the right content, on the right networks: it’s truly enriching!


Traffic Manager, Team Media Data OTTA

Let’s build a Proof Of Concept (POC) with a real use case

The co-design of your social ads campaigns allows you to combine your business knowledge with our expertise of Designing your social ad campaigns together allows us to combine your knowledge of your core business with our expertise around communities and social media agencies. Let’s set up a 3-month POC to prove the efficiency of the approach before going further!


Our teams will help you define your online advertising strategy in line with your business objectives.



Together we design content adapted to the objectives of the campaign and to the uses of your target with the support of images, motion design and video.


We accompany you in the configuration of tracking and data analysis tools all along your conversion tunnel.


Our social ads experts monitor the performance of your campaigns on a daily basis to optimize their impact and your return on investment.