Use case : Cuisinella X TikTok Ads

CUISINELLA, the leading French kitchen designer in terms of spontaneous awareness, wanted to develop its presence on TikTok. We have had the pleasure of accompanying the brand’s deployment on social media since 2015 and strong ties have been formed between our teams. It is therefore quite natural that we explored the possibilities offered by TikTok together, particularly the advertising available through TikTok Ads.

Aude Kubiszyn, Communications Manager at Cuisinella, was kind enough to answer this progress report interview. Follow us to find out how a kitchen brand turned TikTok into a new communication and interaction lever with its online communities.

OTTA: How has Cuisinella position itself in 2021 on social media?

Aude Kubiszyn: Today we are present on various social media networks. For almost 10 years we’ve been on Facebook, then Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and most recently Tik Tok. We publish content to consumers who have a home improvement project in order to help them with their project and to help them discover useful tips for everyday life.

What messages does the brand aim to convey?

Today, Cuisinella wants to be a brand that is more committed, more differentiated, more accessible and more desirable. And with this ambition, we need to deliver the right content to the right place – on the right social media network.

What was the genesis of Cuisinella’s test on the TikTok platform?

In 2020, when TikTok opened its ad network, OTTA recommended that it was the right time for Cuisinella to get on board. They gave us their strategic recommendation to make sure we got off on the right foot.

The content creation was a bit chaotic due to the health situation, which delayed the launch a bit, but the brand account has been up and running for a few months now.

What was your strategy?

We did a lot of test-and-learn with the OTTA agency and decided to launch our channel and create videos offering tips for the kitchen, as well as DIY decoration ideas, and covering topics of well-being. These themes have been in vogue for several years now on social media and the products we sell must contribute to better consumption and how to feel good at home. It seems only natural to ride the wave of this trendy content.


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How did OTTA help you with this?

OTTA took care of everything: creating the account, recommending content and even creating it. They also managed the launch plan for the brand and the associated media budget on the TikTok Ads platform.

What is the agency’s added value on a day-to-day basis?

Peace of mind…

In a world where everything goes very fast, where everything changes very quickly (especially on the digital side), it is invaluable to be able to rely on experts who track and master the latest developments and bring you recommendations. Not to mention, of course, the management of the operational side of things, which they also take care of on a day-to-day basis.

What is the nature of your collaboration with the OTTA team?

Much more than an agency, our collaboration is based on trust, honesty and respect. OTTA has become an extension of the brand. We work hand in hand with the common goal of success.

Key figures “Cuisinella X TikTok Ads” with OTTA

Social Ads

Results :

4 sponsored publications, each for €120, with the goal of video views:

– 1/3 of video views reached 100%

Organic engagement (over 2000 likes, 100 shares and many comments)

– Age groups that were not expected. The 45-54 year old users viewed the videos the most!

800k+ impressions

413 followers recruited in total, for a cost of 86 cents per follower, only from our ads.

Formation Webmarketing

Lessons learned:

– You can recruit and train a community on TikTok with only a small investment, unlike Instagram, for example, where recruitment is quite complex, even with sponsorship.

– We can reach any type of audience, even 45-54 on this network. The audience of this network is evolving, it’s no longer a network of teenagers.

– We are eager to see what the campaigns will produce in regard to our engagement and recruitment objectives. The KPIs are already excellent in terms of raising notoriety.

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